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:Jennifer Sagala
: Longman Photo Dictionary of American English, New Edition
: Pearson Education Limited
: 2007
: 3+PDF
: 285

The Photo Dictionary is a vocabulary and conversation practice book for learners of English, which presents more than 3,000 vocabulary items in over 80 different semantic categories. The colour photographs introduce a wide range of topics, and are used to present groups of words which are linked either contextually (The Dining Room) or thematically (Emotions).
For adult learners of English
The new Longman Photo Dictionary of American English makes learning 3000 English words easy. The clear and up-to-date color photos help you learn words in context.
1000 color photographs
3000 words cover all the topics that you need in everyday life, from Housing, Food and Clothes, to Computers, Jobs, and Sports
Conversation Activities on each page for practice in class
Writing activities for extra written practice
NEW - 2 audio CDs
Listen to every word pronounced


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