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 Key of Light  (): Key of Light
: Nora Roberts
: Brilliance Audio
: Susan Ericksen
: 2015
: Romance
: mp3
: 64 kbps
: 10:40:00
: 293.29

The souls of three daughters of the gods have been imprisoned for three millennia and can be freed only by mortals with three missing keys. Many have tried, but none have been successful.

Malory, charming, beautiful, and sassy, meets the two other women when the three are invited to mysterious Warriors Peak, where the specifics of their situation are revealed

Key of Knowledge Susan Ericksen 10hrs 36min
To Dana Steele books and the knowledge they hold are the key to contentment. But now that search for knowledge must include the second key needed to release three souls held captive by an evil god.

She won't be alone, for she's formed fast friendships with two very different women. She can't allow herself to be distracted by the return of the man who broke her heart so long ago, for a danger beyond anyone's imagination is determined to keep her from completing her quest.

Key of Valor Susan Ericksen - 10hrs 28min
Light and Knowledge have succeeded in their quest, and two of the keys have been found. The final, and last, test goes to Zoe McCourt - Valor.

Zoe has the courage to raise her young son alone, and to face all the adversity life has thrown at them. But will she have the courage to face a foe determined to do anything to stop the third key from being found - even destroying everything - and everyone - she loves? While doing so, Zoe embarks on a romance with Bradley Vane, wealthy heir to a chain of home improvement stores.

: Key of Light

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