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 Double Contact  (): Double Contact
: James White
: Pearson Education Ltd
: Jack Fox
: 2015
: Sci-Fi,
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Double Contact is a 1999 science fiction book by author James White and is the last in the Sector General series.

Clinton Lawrence described as "in a very positive way, a throwback to an earlier era in science fiction since it is optimistic and depicts several advanced species working harmoniously. The struggle to build trust and produce a successful first contact is, he thought, as exciting and suspenseful as one could wish for. However Lawrence also noted that the level of characterization was the minimum required to support the plot.This book has an unusual feature in personal pronoun usage: in most Sector General stories, one human is "he or "she (or other grammatical case forms) and one alien is "it. But, in , often in the text the character Prilicla is "he and a human or a member of any other species is "it.

Now, in the latest adventure, the empathic Dr. Prilicla, a veteran of Sector General for years, is put in command of an expedition answering three distress beacons. What he finds is two hitherto-unknown intelligent species, one of which has nearly wiped out the other. And he also finds evidence of a botched first contact--along with a rare opportunity to set matters right.

Assuming, as always, that he can make an accurate diagnosis....

: Double Contact

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