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: Capture Mania
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Capture Mania is a photography magazine thats been developed not only for photo enthusiasts but also for those who have a taste for capturing any modes of beauty, art and creativity. It has been designed mainly for those who want to take a deeper look at the history of photography and have a modern agenda. Its not just an other addition to the wonderful world of online photography magazines but a complete package where a viewer can find the photography of his own choice, such as landsc t level keeping just one agenda in mind - to rest this unique kind of art into its rightful place on the pedestal. Another purpose behind this online publication is to allow the photographers to knock on their creative instincts and share their art and talent with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, its an opportunity for reknowned as well as not- so-famous photographers to submit their work and start building a name for themselves.

Capture Mania (June-July 2017):


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