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: Arduino Robotics Projects
: Robert J Davis II
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
: 2013
: 104
ISBN: 1494856271, 978-1494856274
: 13.2
: English

Arduino Robotics Projects. Make 2 wheel, 4 wheel and walking Arduino powered robots.

As always, I have made every effort to make the projects in this book as simple, easy to build and as easy to understand as possible. However the reader or builder must take all safety precautions in building these projects. The safe construction and operation of these devices are solely the responsibility of the reader or builder. The author assumes no liability for the safe construction and operation of these devices.

This is the third book of my Arduino projects books. The first two were Arduino LED Projects and Arduino LCD projects. Each book gets more technical and complicated. Each book builds on the knowledge that is gained in the previous books. It is highly recommended that you progress through the books in the order that they were written. However, if you are already well trained in electronics, you can join in wherever you want with whatever project you want to build.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Robotics
1. DC Motor Operation and Control
DC Motor Control H or Bridge
Dual Motor Control with L293 IC
2. Stepper Motor Operation and Control
Transistor Stepper Drive
ULN2803 Stepper Drive
3. Servo Motor Operation and Control
4. Relays and Solenoids Operation and Control
Conventional Relays
Solid State Relays
ULN2003 Relay Driver
5. Arduino Controlled Two Motor Robot
Octobot with IR proximity detectors
6. Arduino Controlled Toy Car
Toy Car with Ultrasonic proximity detector
Toy Car with Wireless Bluetooth control
Adding a Wireless CCTV Camera
7. Arduino Powered Roomba Robot
Roomba with Serial Communications
Roomba with Ultrasonic demo program
Roomba with IR Remote control
Roomba with L298 motor driver IC
8. Arduino Controlled Robo-Raptor
Adafruit motor controller shield
Raptor Demo Program
Raptor with Serial Communications
Raptor with IR Remote control

Robert J Davis II - Arduino Robotics Projects


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