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: General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb
: Frank A. Settle Jr.
: Praeger
ISBN: 1440842841
: 2016
: 262
: True PDF
: 2.5 MB

This book details the evolution of General George Marshall's relationship with the atomic bombincluding the Manhattan Project and the use of atomic weapons on Japanas it emerged as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Presents a clear and concise narrative of Marshall's interactions with nuclear weapons, from his appointment to President Roosevelt's advisory committee in 1941 to his tenure as President Truman's secretary of defense in 1950

Documents Marshall's role in pulling together the financial, material, and human resources required for the Manhattan Project as well as his collaboration with Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Manhattan Project leader General Leslie Groves to produce the atomic bomb

Derives an accurate account of Marshall's involvement with nuclear weapons through official documents, his correspondence, the opinions of his peers, and personal interviews he granted later in his life

General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb


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