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: Spencer Tucker
: The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History, 2nd Edition
: 2011
ISBN: 978-1851099603
: English
: pdf
: 57,2 mb
: 1804

There is an ongoing debate about the reasons behind Americas involvement in Vietnam and possible lessons to be learned from the conflict. How did the United States come to be involved in Vietnam? Was the war indeed winnable? If so, what are the tactics and strategies that might have brought success? What were the major political influences in the United States? Are there indeed lessons to be learned from the war that we can apply to other conflicts? These are but some of the enduring questions.

This encyclopedia seeks to address these issues. It is the second encyclopedia published by ABC-CLIO on the war. The first, appearing in 1999, was a three-volume award-winning work of two volumes of entries and one volume of documents. This new version follows the same general format of the first but adds an entire additional volume of entries and updates all entries from the first edition. It is certainly the most comprehensive reference work on the war to appear in print. One of the major contributions of the new edition is that it adds significant new information, heretofore unavailable in English, on Communist participation in the war in both the political and military realms. Unlike the first version, this new encyclopedia also has detailed introductions to the 225 documents.

The encyclopedia traces the long history of Vietnam and details Americas involvement there, beginning in the 19th century. The encyclopedia also covers the period of French rule including the Indochina War, during which the seeds of Americas participation in the Vietnam conflict were sown. The encyclopedia contains entries on key individuals who fought in the war and who shaped American policy as well as those who were outspoken proponents and opponents of U.S. involvement; has detailed descriptions of battles and campaigns and of weapons systems, ground, sea, and air; and discusses the contributions of other nations in the conflict and details the antiwar movement in the United States and its impact on the conflict. In addition, the encyclopedia has articles on Vietnam War-related literature and film, a detailed chronology of events, an extensive bibliography of works on the war, and the most comprehensive Vietnam War order of battle ever to be published.


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