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: Andrew Pinkham
: Django Unleashed
: Sams Publishing
: 2015
: Unleashed
ISBN: 0321985079
: English
: pdf
: 25,5 mb
: 840

Django is an amazingly powerful system for creating modern, dynamic websites. But programming Django hasnt always been easyuntil now. Youll learn in the most effective way possible: hands on, by building a fully functional Django website from scratch. Youll even deploy the website to the cloud.

As you build your website, expert Django consultant and trainer Andrew Pinkham reveals how websites operate; how Django makes building websites easy; how to write Python code that leverages its immense capabilities; and how to build solutions that are robust, reliable, and secure. Youll start simply and learn to solve increasingly challenging problems: mastering new features and understanding how Djangos architecture shapes their behavior, and gaining essential knowledge for working with any web framework, not just Django.

Drawing on his extensive experience teaching Django, Pinkham answers the key questions beginners ask most often. And as you gain experience, youll learn advanced techniques for enhancing site functionality and performance, strengthening security, promoting code reuse, and much more.


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