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: Mastering iOS Frameworks: Beyond the Basics, 2nd Edition
: Kyle Richter, Joe Keeley
: Addison-Wesley Professional
: 2015
: 576
: True PDF
: 22 Mb
: English

Apples iOS SDK provides an amazingly powerful collection of frameworks. But it has been difficult to find detailed and useful knowledge about themuntil now. With this books practical insights and tested code, you can use Apples frameworks to create apps that are more innovative and usablefaster and more reliablemore successful and profitable.

Kyle Richter and Joe Keeley focus on intermediate-to-advanced techniques that professional iOS developers can use every day. Their far-reaching coverage ranges from social support to security, Core Data to iCloudeven Apple Watch.

Organized as a convenient modular reference, nearly every chapter contains a complete Objective-C sample project. A multi-chapter Game Center case study shows how multiple iOS features can be combined to do even more.

All source code may be downloaded at github.com/dfsw/icf.

Coverage includes:
Adding physics-like animation and behaviors to UIViews
Using Core Location to determine device location, display customized maps, and implement geofencing
Making games and apps social with Leaderboards
Accessing music and image collections
Building health/fitness apps with HealthKit
Integrating with home automation via HomeKit
Passing data between platforms using JSON
Setting up local and remote notifications
Remotely storing and syncing data with CloudKit
Accessing app functionality with extensions
Effortlessly adding AirPrint support
Providing Handoff continuity between iOS 8 and Yosemite devices
Getting productive with Core Data
Integrating Twitter and Facebook via Social Framework
Performing resource-intensive tasks with Grand Central Dispatch
Securing user data with Keychain and Touch ID
Customizing collection views
Making the most of gesture recognizers
Creating and distributing passes
Debugging, instrumenting, and profiling apps


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