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Patrick Moore's Guide to the Moon
: Patrick Moore's Guide to the Moon
: Patrick Moore
: Immediate Media Company London
: 2016
: 116
: 21Mb

Patrick Moores Guide to the Moon is designed to help you explore our near neighbour. Within, youll find the best of Sir Patrick Moores Moonwatch lunar observing columns, published in BBC Sky at Night Magazine between 2008 and 2012, plus a few from the Sky at Night TV shows Pete Lawrence. Weve arranged these by quadrant, then by decreasing latitude for ease of reference. Plus well give you a guide to the basics of lunar observing, tell you how you can go deeper to explore its hidden valleys and inconspicuous dome fields, and even induct you into the realm of lunar imaging. What makes the Moon special is that anyone can see it, whether you live under dark skies or in the centre of London, whether you have a telescope or rely on your eyes alone. All you need to do is look up.


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