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: Jim Sizemore and John Paul Mueller
: MATLAB For Dummies, 2nd Edition
: For Dummies
: 2014
ISBN: 978-1118820100
: For Dummies
: English
: pdf
: 21,3 mb
: 432

If youre working in a STEM field, chances are you need to know MATLAB. Get up and running with MATLAB in a flash with this comprehensive, yet easy-to-use guide to one of the most popular computational tools on the market! Explore the softwares functionality and navigation as well as its extensive math functions, find out how to use advanced features, and much more!

Dive right in find out the basics of MATLAB, important knowledge on how to use it, and how to interact with this popular tool
Manipulate data get into the meat and potatoes of MATLAB by working with vectors, matrices, and higher dimensions
Get streamlined automate your work with scripts, expand on MATLABs built-in functions, and dive into conditional statements
The sum of its parts discover the practical parts of MATLAB, including details on saving, importing, exporting, printing, and publishing
MATLAB applications explore the specific MATLAB applications, solve equations and find roots, and get into linear algebra, calculus, and more
Displaying the results use MATLABs extensive collection of plots to see the results of your computations and present them in reports that communicate your ideas to others

Open the book and find:

How MATLAB is used in STEM fields
What you need to get started using MATLAB
How to work with math syntax and MATLAB
Tricks to starting, storing, and saving files
Details on plotting data with 2D and 3D data
Tips on automating your work in MATLAB
Everything you need to know about control structures
How to recover from the most common mistakes


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