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In the 1920s, when nudists began publicising their activities and sun clubs began to form, Health & Efficiency became an early champion of their cause through publishing their letters, articles and photos. Later, this material occupied a greater proportion of the magazine, particularly as it absorbed other naturist and health periodicals, including Health and Vim and Sunbathing and Health Magazine.

After the Second World War, nudism experienced a massive expansion and the monthly H&E as it became known was in pole position in promoting the nudist lifestyle. Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, H&Es reputation as the nudist bible grew. H&Es audience was made up of nudists who were members of British clubs and those who used British beaches. A small minority who were lucky enough to be able to afford holidays abroad, and sampled the delights of French and Yugoslavian nudist facilities, provided H&E with the first naturists abroad travel reports.

This was a hint of things to come, for, by the 1970s, cheaper foreign travel allowed many more British naturists to visit the south of France, Spain, Greece and Yugoslavia. H&E reflected this change and soon became an international naturist magazine providing news, travel reports, features and photography from around the naturist world.


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