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3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes Vol. 2: 3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes
/ : 2016
: Vol. 2
: 164
: 44,7 MB

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Packed with beautiful, inspiring artwork, expert tips and step-by-step tutorials, this new book from the team behind 3D Artist is guaranteed to help improve your CG skills. Whatever your area of interest creating game characters, sculpting the perfect anatomy, mastering arch-vis or rendering hyper-realistic scenes continue developing your technique using Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop and more!

Model and texture a Roman centurion
Create a primal bloodsucking vampire
Sculpt a female cyborg
Build a steampunk world in Blender
Construct a zen garden
Launch a space shuttle
Shape a sci-fi soldier

Mimic the natural world
Develop stunning digital portraits
Master hand-drawn animation
Grasp facial anatomy
Merge 3D with photography
Simulate turbulent water
Quickly block out 3D scenes

Add texture to a superbike and racer
Perfect facial scarring
Enhance cartoon characters with MODO deformers
Clean up real-time hair texture and form
Pose a sculpt using joints
Texture a hotrod vehicle render

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