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Creative Image May-June 2016

: Creative Image
/ : 2016 May-June / -
: Volume 01 Issue 04
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A 104-page bi-monthly art photography publication, filled with a host of features and opinion articles, on the aesthetics of photography. Photography is one of the youngest forms of creative expression, and has seen quite a few changes in its relatively short maturing period. The purpose of Creative Image is to pick up photographs and bodies of work that are intuitive, well-explored, eloquent and offer a look inwards, as well as outwards. The bi-monthly magazine, produced by Raghu Rai, one of India's most renowned photographers and the first Indian to become an associated of the celebrated Magnum Photos, will look at contemporary, emerging artists as well? as legendary names. Each issue will? be thematic and will largely cover work produced in the Indian subcontinent. There will also be showcases of works? by one master photographer from Asia, and one master from the West, along with conceptual, nature, landscape, abstract and experimental photographers from around the world.

Creative Image (May-June 2016):

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