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Micro Mart is a weekly computer magazine.

Read the in-depth articles about hardware and software in technological devices. Learn how to repair your computer and what you need to know before replacing the old equipment. Discover the parts of the computer and what makes it work. Read how to maintain your computer to keep it running efficiently.

Learn how to use programs, such as Word. Beginners and advanced users can learn from the easy step-by-step instructions. Get advice on installing software, setting up a simple wireless network, or building a water-cooled personal computer. Learn how to program Linux kernels, PHP, and how to build your own computer. Get advice on improving your computer workstation and network. Read the detailed articles to learn about upgrading and more in each issue.

Find out how to offer technical assistance to others. Learn how to advance your skills at all things with computers. Read the latest reviews of equipment so you can select the top of the line machine. Find out about group testing and become a software beta tester of soon to be released software. Read the humorous things that people say to computer technicians.

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