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All About Space - Issue 55 2016
: All About Space - Issue 55 2016
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Packed full of cosmic content, All About Space delves into the wonders of space exploration, astronomy and space science every month, providing in-depth knowledge from a team of experts on an amazing array of topics.
In issue 55 of All About Space, we meet some of the largest structures in the universe - the supergiant galaxies, which are thousands of times heavier than the Milky Way. This month, we discover how they were formed, what they reveal about the universe and meet the scientists trying to work out whether these cosmic behemoths should really exist at all.

World-renowned physicist Brian Greene talks to us about the possible discovery of a new particle as well as why he thinks that the universe is made up of multiple dimensions plus now that initial plans for NASA's Dawn spacecraft have changed, we discover what's next for its journey around dwarf planet Ceres and look at New Horizons' life after Pluto with mission scientist John Spencer. That's just before we go on a hunt for the portals through space-time - the wormholes.

In this issue...

Meet the biggest galaxies in the known universe

Supergiant galaxies
- Classed as some of the most massive objects in the universe, these cosmic behemoths are also the most mysterious

Record-breaking astronauts
- The greatest aeronautical achievements of all time

FAST: The world's super telescope
- This Chinese giant radio dish is about to start seeing the universe as never before

The search for wormholes
- How and why we're looking for portals through space-time

Also inside...
- Future Tech: Pluto orbiter and lander
- Explorer's Guide: Enceladus
- Interview: Brian Greene
- Life after Pluto
- Ceres Uncovered
- What's in the sky?
- This month's planets
- Moon tour
- Naked eye & binocular targets
- How to Get the best views of Neptune
- Deep sky challenge
- How to Hunt for an asteroid
- The Northern Hemisphere
- Me & My Telescope
- Telescope review: Meade 20-60x80 Wilderness
- Astronomy gear
- Heroes of Space: Astronaut Tim Peake


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