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Retro Gamer Issue 158

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/ : 2016
:Issue 158
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Retro Gamer -

Retro Gamer is the essential guide to the fascinating world of retro gaming. Regardless of whether you've been playing games since the arrival of Pong or have just discovered classic machines you'll find Retro Gamer to be an indispensable read. Every issue you get in-depth articles covering the very best games, franchises and machines and exclusive interviews with some of the industrys biggest developers. All this put together by a knowledgeable team of experts who are as passionate about videogames as their readership. A rare insight into the industrys rich and glorious past something that no other videogame publication does. Retro Gamer is truly unique.

In this issue...

Discover how Sega's mascot ran rings around the competition

Sonic The Hedgehog
We speak to Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka about how the past, present and future of the blue blur

Greatest Handhelds Of All Time
Your complete guide to the best handhelds that graced videogaming

A Flashback to Delphine Software
Paul Cuisset and Éric Chahi give us a behind-the-scenes glance of the prestigious french developer

Creating an 8-Bit Masterpiece
We talk to key figures and reveal the making of the ZX81

Also inside...
- 25th Anniversary: Sonic The Hedgehog
- Clash Of The Handhelds
- Licence To Thrill: Top Gun
- Inside The ZX81
- From The Archives: Delphine Software International
- Ultimate Guide: Super Smash Bros.
- Minority Report: Amiga 500
- Classic Moments: Another World
- Future Classic: Grand Theft Auto V
- The Making Of Fur Fighters
- Retro Revival: Auf Wiedersehen Monty
- March Of The Mascots
- Retro Revival: Inside Outing
- In The Chair: Gregg Tavares
- Reader Revival: Army Moves
- A Moment With Jason Daniels
- The Making Of Star Wars Episode I: Racer
- Ultimate Guide: Slap Fight
- Hardware Heaven: Dreamcast


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