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: Popular Woodworking 1995-2013 DVD
: Editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine
: 1995-2013
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19 Years Worth of Woodworking Information!Popular Woodworking 1995-2013 DVD
With 19 years of Popular Woodworking Magazine, this DVD is packed with thousands of pages of woodworking information. Browse a table of contents for each issue from 1995-1999 in a single document, and simply click to open a full issue.
Issues from 2000-2013 are fully searchable from a single document. All files are in PDF format, so theyll work on almost any computer (PC or Macintosh) and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later versions (a free program).
You'll find more than 9,000 pages with a huge range of project plans in a variety of styles (bookcases, tables of all sizes, chests and many more!), tool reviews, essential technique instruction and so much more.
* Hundreds of plans for furniture, jigs, toys and more. Step-by-step instruction and drawings for good-looking beginner builds to masterpiece projects
* Shop projects including workbenches, router tables, sawhorses, tool chests and more
* Essential setup and technique instruction for hand tools and power tools and expert approaches for blending hand and power in your shop
* BONUS: You also get Glen D. Hueys video Finishes That Pop is packed with easy-to-follow methods for making your work look as good as its built (and maybe even better).


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