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: Woodworking Magazine 2004-2009 CD
: Editors of Woodworking Magazine
: 2004-2009
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: English

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On this CD, you'll find collected all 16 issues of Woodworking Magazine, a publication that, quite simply, was dedicated to finding a better way to build. The staff of Popular Woodworking wrote and published these advertising-free magazine issues from 2004-2009.

In the searchable PDFs of these 500+ pages of woodworking information, you'll learn fundamental knowledge necessary for good craftsmanship with the goal of making you an independent, mindful and competent woodworker by filling in the inevitable knowledge gaps left when you teach the craft to yourself. We challenged woodworking's conventional wisdom to find the techniques, materials and tools that work best both hand and power tools.

And the projects you'll find are classics, such as Shaker, Arts & Crafts and other traditional styles designs that have remained fresh and alive for a century or more.

Every operation and tool you see on this CD was been tested numerous times by our staff of professional and enthusiastic woodworkers in the Popular Woodworking shop.



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