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Woodsmith Setting Up Shop: Woodsmith Setting Up Shop
/ : Woodsmith Special Edition 2009
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: English

For me, work in the shop is never really done. Theres always something I want to change or improve. Sometimes, Im looking for ways to make the tools I use safer and more accurate. Other times, the goal is making my shop more organized and comfortable. The result makes the time I spend in the shop more productive and enjoyable.
Thats where this book comes in. Inside, youll find essential information and practical projects to help you unlock the potential of your shop.
So whether youre setting up shop for the first time or simply improving the shop you already have, this book will help you take your shop to the next level.
Finally, dont miss out on all the great bonus material you can find online. Turn to page 99 to find out how to get it.
Terry J. Strohman (Editor)

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