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Model Engineers Workshop 142
: Model Engineers Workshop
: 142
: MyHobbyStore Ltd
: 2008
: 68
: 50.4
: English

This superb magazine deals with machines, materials, processes and techniques for precision metalwork. It's a must read for the serious model engineering hobbyists. Established for over 100 years, Model Engineer offers it all, on various engineering subjects. Featuring practical advice on construction model, articles and reviews.


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On The Editor's Bench
Dave Clark's commentary
Sharpening Twist Drills Part 2
Making a four facet grinding jig
The C3 Mini Lathe Part 10
Improving the radius turning attachment and making an offset taper turning centre
Retrofitting The Denford Orac CNC Lathe
Converting this CNC lathe to Mach3
A Different Angle On Headstock Dividing
Jim Whetren indexes in degrees
Pattern Making For Beginners
Dyson Watkins makes some simple patterns
Sawing Tee Nuts
Using a simple jig to speed production
CNC Milling With Mach 3 Part 4
Simple circles and profiling
Converting A Myford ML7 To CNC
Tony Jeffree looks at configuring
Adjustable Dial Indicator Bracket
Making a useful swivelling indicator holder
Simple Aids To Tapping
Making cheap dedicated tap wrenches
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Model Engineers Workshop 142 2008

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