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Model Engineers Workshop 138
: Model Engineers Workshop
: 138
: MyHobbyStore Ltd
: 2008
: 68
: 50.3
: English

This superb magazine deals with machines, materials, processes and techniques for precision metalwork. It's a must read for the serious model engineering hobbyists. Established for over 100 years, Model Engineer offers it all, on various engineering subjects. Featuring practical advice on construction model, articles and reviews.


On Tlie Editor's Bench
Dave Clark's commentary
The Metalworkers Workshop Part 12
Harold Hall investigates grinders and saws
The C3 Mini Lathe Part 6
Dave Fenner makes a filing attachment and looks at steadies
Insert Tools Part 3
Mike Haughton looks at tool holders
Converting A Myford Lathe To CNC Part 1
Tony Jeffree makes a start with the leadscrew
The Practical Engineer
Experiences from industry
CNC Milling With Mach 3 part 1
An introduction to CNC milling
Adding A Drive To A Lathe
Linton Wedlock builds a countershaft drive unit
A Spin On Collets
Using ER 32 collets in a spin indexer
Rebuilding The Myford Super Seven Lathe
Part 2 Repainting the lathe
Draw Plus
A simple drawing program
Next Issue
Model Engine Mechanics & ICE 1.6
Book and program review
Fireside Reading
A Short Guide To Foundry Supplies & Metal Casting Services
Scribe A Line
Win a book for best letter and best tip

Model Engineers Workshop 138 2008

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