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Panzer Aces Profiles 1

: Panzer Aces
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With this issue we begin a series of specials that deal with the analysis of the camouflage patterns used by the armored and other German vehicles during WWII. In spite of the many years gone by, this particular subject is still of great public interest especially when dealing with the armored vehicles in particular. Camouflage a word of French origin, is basically a way of masking the war material in order to avoid detection and identification by enemy forces. The looks of the item in question are dissimulated in order to offer a deceitful appearance, and if possible to make the item go unnoticed. This can be done in several ways; covering it with branches, canvases, nets or other materials, or applying paint with disruptive patterns, or if paint is wanting covering the item with mud, stones, snow, etc. In this issue camouflage paint is studied, and a number of tank camouflage patterns will be analyzed, dealing also with the emblems of the principal tank units. This will be done with the backing of a lengthy series of high quality color profiles. Conceived as a practical visual guide for hobbyists, I trust that this work will also become a useful reference for those people interested in this fundamental period in history.

Panzer Aces Profiles 1:

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