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: Arduino for Beginners: Essential Skills Every Maker Needs (+code)
: Baichtal John
: Que Publishing
: 2014
: 395
ISBN: 0789748835, 9780789748836
: 28
: English

No geekitude needed: This full-color guide assumes you know nothing about Arduino or programming with the Arduino IDE. John Baichtal is an expert on getting newcomers up to speed with DIY hardware. First, he guides you gently up the learning curve, teaching you all you need to know about Arduino boards, basic electronics, safety, tools, soldering, and a whole lot more.
Then, you walk step-by-step through projects that reveal Arduinos incredible potential for sensing and controlling the environmentprojects that inspire you to create, invent, and build the future!

Use breadboards to quickly create circuits without soldering
Create a laser/infrared trip beam to protect your home from intruders
Use Bluetooth wireless connections and XBee to build doorbells and more
Write useful, reliable Arduino programs from scratch
Use Arduinos ultrasonic, temperature, flex, and light sensors
Build projects that react to a changing environment
Create your own plant-watering robot
Control DC motors, servos, and stepper motors
Create projects that keep track of time
Safely control high-voltage circuits
Harvest useful parts from junk electronics
Build pro-quality enclosures that fit comfortably in your home


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