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: Chip Design for Non-Designers: An Introduction
: Juan-Antonio Carballo
: PennWell Corp.
: 2008
: 26
: / English

Chip Design for Non-Designers: An Introduction provides a practical introduction to modern chip design methodologies. It is intended for manufacturing-oriented and other non-design professionals with an t in the pre-tape-out design side. The book concentrates on functional, logic, circuit, and layout design using state-of-the-art methods and tools. More focus is given to the most popular design styles, including semi-custom design. Many practical and useful examples are included throughout.

Features & benefits: This book will provide readers with working knowledge of modern chip design methodologies. The examples, exercises, and bibliographical references included provide an excellent guide towards a direct use of the concepts learned. Readers will become truly fluent with how one designs modern chips for many varied applications.


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