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: Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Applications, 2 Volumes
: Robert Puers and Livio Baldi
: Wiley-VCH
: 2017
: 27
: / English

Offering first-hand insights by top scientists and industry experts at the forefront of R&D into nanoelectronics, this book neatly links the underlying technological principles with present and future applications. A brief introduction is followed by an overview of present and emerging logic devices, memories and power technologies. Specific chapters are dedicated to the enabling factors, such as new materials, characterization techniques, smart manufacturing and advanced circuit design.

The second part of the book provides detailed coverage of the current state and showcases real future applications in a wide range of fields: safety, transport, medicine, environment, manufacturing, and social life, including an analysis of emerging trends in the internet of things and cyber-physical systems. A survey of main economic factors and trends concludes the book.
Highlighting the importance of nanoelectronics in the core fields of communication and information technology, this is essential reading for materials scientists, electronics and electrical engineers, as well as those working in the semiconductor and sensor industries.


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