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: Novel Radar Techniques and Applications: Vol. 1: Real aperture array radar, Imaging radar, and Passive and multistatic radar; Vol.2: Waveform diversity and cognitive radar and Target tracking and data fusion
: Richard Klemm
: Scitech Publishing
: 2017
ISBN: 9781613532256 (V.1); 9781613532263 (V.2)
: Electromagnetics and Radar
: pdf
: 952+552
: 113,6 mb
: English

Volume 1 covers:

Real aperture array radar, including target parameter estimation and array radar features; robust direct data domain processing; and array radar operation management.
Imaging radar, including VideoSAR imaging for real-time persistence; high-resolution wide-swath SAR; interferometric SAR imaging; space-based SAR-Ground moving target indication; 3D & tomographic SAR imaging; bi- and monostatic SAR-GMTI; multistatic and MIMO ISAR techniques; and focussing moving objects using the VSAR algorithm.
Passive and multistatic radar, including bistatic clutter modeling; airborne passive radar; forward scatter radar; through the wall imaging radar; short-range passive radar potentialities; GNSS-based passive radar; passive radar with airborne receivers; multi-illuminator and multistatic passive radar; and passive MIMO radar networks.

Volume 2 covers:

Waveform diversity and cognitive radar, including holistic design of physical radar emissions; waveform design for spectral coexistence; adaptive OFDM waveform design for spatio-temporal-sparsity exploited STAP radar; applications of noise radar; bioinspired radar techniques; concept of the intelligent radar network; clutter diversity; and cognitive radar management.
Target tracking and data fusion, including posterior Cram?r-Rao bounds for target tracking; tracking and fusion in log-spherical state space with application to collision avoidance and kinematic ranging; multistatic tracking for passive radar applications; radar-based ground surveillance; multiplatform radar surveillance for aerial and maritime surveillance; person tracking and data fusion for UWB radar applications; and sensor management for radar networks.


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