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Arduino in Easy Steps: Arduino in Easy Steps
: Stuart Yarnold
: In Easy Steps Limited
: 2015
: 11,3
: / English

Arduino in easy steps is an indispensable guide for anyone wanting to get started with Arduino the popular circuit board that allows users to create interactive objects.

In digestible chunks, it explains:

What Arduino is and what can be done with it.
Whats in your Arduino kit, refreshing your knowledge of resistors, transistors, transformers, circuitry and electricity.
How to set up your Arduino environment with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
How to choose Arduino Shields and key tools such as power adapters, testing equipment and design software.
Neat techniques on soldering etc. to help you progress smoothly with your project.
The fundamentals of coding, how to write Arduino sketches and use free downloadable ready-made code to save time.

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