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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Vol. 4
: Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Volume 4
: Rudolf F. Graf, William Sheets
: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
: 1992
: 744
ISBN: 0830638954
: 27.3 M
: English

Volume 4 of Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits contains many new, not previously covered circuits, organized into 104 chapters. Circuit titles are listed at the beginning of each chapter, for references. Most of these circuits appeared in publications since 1988 and should be very useful for obtaining new ideas for research and development, or simply to fill a need for a specific circuit idea or application.
Those wishing to develop their own circuits will find this book indispensable as a source of ideas, to see how others have solved a problem or approach a design, and to obtain a starting point toward a new design.
A brief explanation accompanies almost every entry. Those that have been omitted are either repetitive, obvious, or too involved to describe in few words. In this case, the reader should consult the original sources (as listed in the back of the book).


Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Vol. 4

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