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Programmable Logic Controllers. Sixth edition
: Programmable Logic Controllers. Sixth edition
: W.Bolton
: Newnes
ISBN: 978-0-12-802929-9
: 2015 (Sixth edition)
: 425
: 10

A programmable logic controllers (PLC) is a real-time system optimized for use in severe conditions such as high/low temperatures or an environment with excessive electrical noise. This control technology is designed to have multiple interfaces (I/Os) to connect and control multiple mechatronic devices such as sensors and actuators.
Extensive examples and chapter ending problems utilize several popular PLCs currently on the market highlighting understanding of fundamentals that can be used no matter the specific technology. Ladder programming is highlighted throughout with detailed coverage of design characteristics, development of functional blocks, instruction lists, and structured text. Methods for fault diagnosis, testing and debugging are also discussed.

: Programmable Logic Controllers. Sixth edition

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