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Make: Like The Pioneers

: Make: Like The Pioneers
: Maker Media, Inc
: The Editors of Make
: 2015
: English
: pdf
:508 Mb

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You may have mastered Arduino and 3D printing, but what will you make when the power goes out? This book, featuring projects drawn from previous issues of Make: and Craft:, features projects you can build with little or no technology. Whether it's making your own cider or starting a fire with a bow drill, the projects in this book will let you keep Making even when you're away from civilization. Whether you're on a camping trip or fortifying the last human settlement against hordes of zombies, you'll find something in this book that will keep you happy, engaged, and most important of all . . . alive!

Projects Included

Make your own bacon soap
Light a matchless fire
Cider-making 101
Make your own paper and bind your own book
Create a 'fool's stool,' a Rok-Bak chair, and learn to lash
Pickle grapes and beets
Brine and roast a turkey
Make a Da Vinci Reciprocating Machine
Craft your own oil lamp like cave dwellers of yore!

Chapter 1Think Youve Mastered Fire? Make and Use a Bow Drill.
Make a Bow Drill
Use a Bow Drill to Make Fire
Chapter 2Hogwash: Bacon Soap
Step 1: Melt Over Low Heat
Step 2: Filter
Step 3: Measure
Step 4: Pour
Step 5: Wait
Step 6: Stir
Step 7: Pour (Again)
Step 8: Cure
Step 9: Enjoy!
Chapter 3Kitchen Table Cider Making
Step 1: Clean Your Equipment
Step 2: Set Up the Juicer and Strainer.
Step 3: Juice and Strain.
Step 4: Shoot the Yeast
Step 5: Ferment
Step 6: Bottle
Step 7: Enjoy
Chapter 4Paper Making
Step 1: Learn the Glossary of Terms
Step 2: Build the Pour Mold
Step 3: Make the Pulp
Step 4: Pour the Pulp
Step 5: Couch the Sheet
Step 6: Use the Sponge
Step 7: Dry the Paper
Step 8: Variations: Paper Shapes
Step 9: Variations: Embedded Items
Chapter 5Olde-School Bookbinding
Step 1: Create the Signatures
Step 2: Stitch the Signatures
Step 3: Glue the Spine
Step 4: Attach Cover Boards
Step 5: Cover the Cover
Step 6: Finish


Chapter 6Fools Stool
Step 1: Cut the Five Pieces of Wood
Step 2: Distress the Pieces
Step 3: Glue the Pieces Together
Step 4: Fix the Top
Step 5: Distress the Stool a Bit More
Step 6: Stain with Cow Muck
Step 7: Distress the Stool Even More
Chapter 7Rok-Bak Chair
Step 1: Make the Plywood Pieces
Step 2: Make the Cross Braces
Step 3: Assemble the Basic Chair
Step 4: Make and Attach the Arms
Step 5: Make the Footstool Assembly
Step 6: Make the Headrest
Step 7: Convert to Rok-Bak Version (Optional)
Step 8: Finish the Wood and Pad the Arms
Step 9: Make Yourself Comfortable
Chapter 8The Lost Art of Lashing: A Photo Essay


Chapter 9Pickle Grapes and Beets at Home
Spiced Pickled Grapes
Gingery Golden Beets
Chapter 10Brine and Roast a Turkey
Garlic Herb Butter
Chapter 11Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Step 1: Rinse
Step 2: Place
Step 3: Heat
Step 4: Drizzle
Step 5: Redistribute
Step 6: Season
Step 7: Roast
Step 8: Eat


Chapter 12Da Vinci Reciprocating Mechanism
Step 1: Cut the Pieces
Step 2: Assemble and Adjust
Chapter 13Oil Lamp from the Cave Dwellers of Lascaux
Step 1: Make the Lamp
Step 2: Shape the Lamp
Step 3: Make a Wick and Fill the Lamp


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