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Digital Systems: Principles and Applications
: Digital Systems: Principles and Applications
: Widmer N.S., Moss G.I., Tocci R.J.
: Pearson, New York
: 2016
: 1027
: 14

For all courses in digital electronics, from introductory through advanced. Like previous editions, this text will be used widely in technology classes ranging from high schools and two-year programs to four-year engineering, engineering technology, and computer science programs.

Take a journey in Digital Systems from novice to expert.

Written for all courses in digital electronicsfrom introductory to advanced, from high school to two- and four-year college programsthis Twelfth Edition of Digital Systems thoroughly prepares students for the study of digital systems and computer and microcontroller hardware. The text begins with the basics of digital systems, including the AHDL hardware description language, then gradually progresses to increasingly challenging topics, including the more complex VHDL.
The text is comprehensive yet highly readable, clearly introducing the purpose and fundamentals of each topic before delving into more technical descriptions. It is also definition-focused, with new terms listed in each chapter and defined in a glossary. This Twelfth Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated with new material on section-level learning outcomes, Quadrature Shaft Encoders used to obtain absolute shaft positions, troubleshooting prototype circuits using systematic fault isolation techniques, Time Division Multiplexing, expanded discussion of VHDL data objects and more!

Contents :
Introductory Concepts
Number Systems and Codes
Describing Logic Circuits
Combinational Logic Circuits
Flip-Flops and Related Devices
Digital Arithmetic: Operations and Circuits
Counters and Registers
Integrated-Circuit Logic Families
MSI Logic Circuits
Digital System Projects Using HDL
Interfacing with the Analog World
Memory Devices
Programmable Logic Device Architectures


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