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: Arduino Wearables (+code)
: Tony Olsson
: Apress
: 2012
: 336
ISBN: 1430243595
: 10.2
: English
: Technology in Action

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You've probably seen LED-decorated t-shirts and hats, and maybe even other electronic gadgets embedded in clothing, but with Arduino Wearables you can learn to make your own wearable electronic creations.

This book is an introduction to wearable computing, prototyping, and smart materials using the Arduino platform. Every chapter takes you all the way from idea to finished project. Even if you have no experience with Arduino, this book will get you set up with all the materials, software, and hardware you need; you'll complete simple projects first, and then build on your growing expertise to make more complex projects. By the end of the book, you'll have learned:

Electronics basics
How to prototype successfully
Arduino programming
How to design and build your own wearable Arduino creations
Along the way you'll create fun and inspiring wearables, such as:
An LED bracelet: learn the basics of wearable electronics
A synthesizer tie: accept user input and create output in response
A solar-powered glow in the dark bag: create self-sufficient wearables
A shape memory flower: store state and manipulate your wearables
An EL wire dress: add designer touches to your wearables
A beatbox hoodie: use a voice-activated sequencer and skin resistance to create the coolest of urban wearables

Arduino Wearables is the complete guide to getting started with Arduino and wearable computing. The 10 inspiring projects to make, learn from, and build upon will equip you for creating your own projects; the only limit is your imagination.

What youll learn

The essence of wearable computing
The basics of electronics
The relationship between basic electronics and smart materials
Programming for the Arduino/LilyPad
Circuit building and construction in a wearable context
Advanced methods for wearable prototyping

Who this book is for
Electronics hobbyists, Arduino enthusiasts, and fabric artists who want to add something extra to their designs. Even if you've never worked with Arduino before, this book is still for you.

Olsson T. - Arduino Wearables (+code)


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