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Oscillators Simplified With 61 Projects
: Oscillators Simplified With 61 Projects
: Delton T. Horn
: Tab Books
: 1987
: 258
ISBN: 0-8306-0375-1
: 10.1
: English

One of the most basic of all electronic circuits is the oscillator, or signal generator. Virtually all electronics systems incorporate at least one such circuit.While information on signal generators is not terribly hard to find, there has been no single source devoted to the oscillator until now.
This book tells you all you need to know about oscillator and signal generator circuits for almost any application. Over 60 practical projects are included. These circuits can be readily adapted to suit your individual requirements.


Introduction VII
List of Projects VIII
1. Oscillators and Signal Generators 1
What Is an Oscillator? - Waveforms - Signal Generators -
Relaxatton Oscillators-Feedback Oscillators-Resonance-
Applications--Test Equipment
2. Sine Wave Oscillators 32
LC Parallel Resonant Tanks-The Hartfey Oscillator-The Coipltts
Oscillator-The Armstrong Oscillator-The TITO Oscillator-The
Crystal Oscillator
3. Other Transistor-Based Signal Generators 62
Triangle Wave Generators-Rectangle Wave Generators-
Sawtooth Wave Generators-Unusual Waveform Generators
4. UJTS 81
How a UJT Works-The Basic UJT Relaxation Oscillator-Typical
Design Example-Sawtooth Wave Generators-Unusual Waveform
5. Op Amp Circuits 97
Sine Wave Oscillators--Square Wave Generators-Rectangle
Wave and Pulse Generators-Triangle Wave Generators-
Sawtooth Wave Generators-Staircase Wave Generators
6. Timer Circuits 123
The Basic 5S5 Astable MuitMbrator Circuit-Multiple Timer ICs-
The 2240 Programmable Timer
7. The VCO 144
A Simple VCO Circuit-Multi-Waveforrn VCO--Sine Wave VCO-Op
Amp VCO-Voltage- to-Frequency Conversion-VCOs and
Electronic Music
8. The PLL 161
What Is a PLL?-The PLL In Actlan-Some Typical PLL ICs-
Appl lcations
9. Digital Signal Generators 173
Clock Pulse Generators - Dedicated Clock ICs -Digital Synthesis
- Digital Function Generators - Digitally Generated Sine
Waves--Music-Making Circuits
10. Dedicated Signal Generator ICs 225
The XR-2206 Function Generator-The 8038 Waveform Generator
- VCO ICs - The MK50240 Top Octave Generator - Sound Effects Generators
Index 237

Delton T. Horn - Oscillators Simplified With 61 Projects

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