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: Electronic Components: A Complete Reference for Project Builders
: Delton Horn
: McGraw-Hill/TAB Books
: 1992
: 320
ISBN: 0-8306-3333-2
: 22.3
: English

This is an all-in-one guide to electronic component specifications and applications. With this handy benchtop reference, you'll have at your fingertips a one-stop source of practical information on virtually every kind of electronic component. In "Electronic Components: A Complete Reference For Project Builders", Delton T. Horn provides you with the important working characteristics, specifications, and uses for each component listed.
Horn, a well-known electronics expert, has divided this book into three parts - passive nonamplifying components; active devices (semiconductor components); and miscellaneous devices (for example, transducers and switches). You'll find a wide range of topics that give you all the data necessary for successful experimentation: wire and solder; capacitors; diodes; linear ICs; resistors; coils and transformers; transistors; and digital ICs.
Throughout, Horn presents helpful insights into the theory and operation of components in typical circuit designs, the pros and cons of using devices in various situations, where and how to find parts, and criteria for making substitutions. Armed with this book and a manufacturer's specification sheet, you can be confident that you're choosing the proper components for your circuit designs.

Delton Horn - Electronic Components: A Complete Reference for Project Builders

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