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Senior's Edition: iPhone, 4th Edition
: Senior's Edition: iPhone, 4th Edition
: Imagine Publishing ltd.
: Imagine Publishing ltd.
: 2016
: pdf
: 164
: 27,3 mb
: English

The iPhone is one of the most amazing and talked about pieces of technology on the market right now. It's not just a phone; it's an all-round media player, an e-reader, a camera, a text-processor, a game console, and a highly mobile portal to the internet thats always in your pocket! The best part, though, is that its very easy to use, and you'll soon come to love its intuitive and friendly interface. No matter what your age, you too can benefit from all that the iPhone has to offer. From the iCIoud to its Health service, this updated edition of Senior's Edition; iPhone will open up your phone's potential.

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