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Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices
: Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices
: Robert Perret
: Wiley-ISTE
: 2009
: 559
ISBN: 9781848210646, 9780470611494
: 11
: English

This book relates the recent developments in several key electrical engineering R&D labs, concentrating on power electronics switches and their use. The first sections deal with key power electronics technologies, MOSFETs and IGBTs, including series and parallel associations. The next section examines silicon carbide and its potentiality for power electronics applications and its present limitations.
Then, a dedicated section presents the capacitors, key passive components in power electronics, followed by a modeling method allowing the stray inductances computation, necessary for the precise simulation of switching waveforms. Thermal behavior associated with power switches follows, and the last part proposes some interesting prospectives associated to Power Electronics integration.


Chapter 1 Power MOSFET Transistors (pages 156): Pierre Aloisi
Chapter 2 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (pages 57132): Pierre Aloisi
Chapter 3 Series and Parallel Connections of MOS and IGBT (pages 133183): Daniel Chatroux, Dominique Lafore and Jean?Luc Schanen
Chapter 4 Silicon Carbide Applications in Power Electronics (pages 185265): Marie?Laure Locatelli and Dominique Planson
Chapter 5 Capacitors for Power Electronics (pages 267315): Abderrahmane Beroual, Sophie Guillemet?Fritsch and Thierry Lebey
Chapter 6 Modeling Connections (pages 317401): Edith Clavel, Francois Costa, Arnaud Guena, Cyrille Gautier, James Roudet and Jean?Luc Schanen
Chapter 7 Commutation Cell (pages 403432): James Roudet and Jean?Luc Schanen
Chapter 8 Power Electronics and Thermal Management (pages 433496): Corinne Perret and Robert Perret
Chapter 9 Towards Integrated Power Electronics (pages 497545): Patrick Austin, Marie Breil and Jean?Louis Sanchez

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