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: How to Die Alone: The Foolproof Guide to Not Helping Yourself
: Mo Welch
: Workman Publishing Company
: 2019
: 98
: / English

Its OK. Really.
For every brave soul who wants to just say nono to meeting the gang for drinks, no to wishing a coworker happy birthday (unless theres free cake involved), and no to dating of any kindhere comes Blair, the master of living life in sweatpants and talking only to her cat. With her dark but totally honest perspective, Blair will teach you how to become an antisocial hermit, fail at your boring job, sabotage your relationship, and alwaysalwaysgive yourself permission to choose the couch over the gym.

How To Die Alone is such a wonderful, relatable book that I would share it with my friends if Blair hadn't convinced me to stop talking to all of them!
Megan Amram, producer of NBC's The Good Place

Do you wish you had more friends and an active, fulfilling social life? Then read Mo Welch's hilarious How to Die Alone and you'll stop wishing altogether. Buy this book and know peace.
Anthony Jeselnik, comedian and writer


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