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The Inventors: A Memoir
: Peter Selgin
: The Inventors: A Memoir
: Hawthorne Books
: 2016
ISBN: 978-0989360470
: English
: epub
: 22,8 mb
: 416

Fall, 1970. At the start of eighth grade, Peter Selgin fell in love with the young teacher whod arrived from Oxford in Frye boots, with long hair, and a passion for his students that was intense and unorthodox. The son of an emotionally remote inventor, Peter was also a twin with a burning need to feel unique.

The teacher supplied that need. They spent hours in the teachers cottage, discussing books, playing chess, drinking tea, and wrestling. They were inseparable, until the teacher resigned. Over the next decade they met occasionally and corresponded constantly, their last meeting a disaster. Only after he died did Peter learn that the teacher had completely fabricated his past.

As for Peters father, the British-accented genius inventor, he turned out to be the son of prominent Italian Jews. Paul Selgin and the teacher were both self-inventors, enigmatic men whose lies and denials betrayed the boy who idolized them.

The Inventors is the story of how these men shaped the authors journey to manhood, a story of promises fulfilled and broken as he uncovers the truth about both men, and about himself.

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