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A Political Economy of the Middle East, 4th Edition
: Melani Cammett, Ishac Diwan, Alan Richards, John Waterbury
: A Political Economy of the Middle East, 4th Edition
: Westview Press
: 2015
ISBN: 978-0813349381
: English
: epub
: 32,8 mb
: 608

This edition of the book provides readers with an understanding of the complexity and depth of the regions challenges with respect to economic, social, and political development. In the introductory chapter, is presented the framework of the book.

Politics does not operate in a vacuum: the decisions and actions of political actors, especially those in the state, are shaped by the demands and behavior of societal actors as well as by economic opportunities and limitations. Indeed, the nature of state institutions, the choices of state actors, the actions of individuals and groups in society, and economic trends and circumstances evolve in an interactive, mutually constitutive fashion.

Many elements of the book provide critical background for identifying the foundations of the social grievances that have been bubbling beneath the surface until recently in the diverse political economies of the region.

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