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: The Scientists: An Epic of Discovery
: Andrew Robinson
: Thames & Hudson
: 2012
: 56
: / English

The ideas, experiments, and inventions of great scientists have revolutionized our understanding of the world around us. Theories, discoveries, and technologies?from relativity, the genetic code, and the periodic table to synthetic drugs, nuclear weapons, and brain scans?have transformed the physical world and our lives. Copernicus, Crick, Watson, Galileo, Marie Curie: these are some of the forty pioneers behind modern science whose stories are explored here.

The scientists come from around the globe and represent multiple nationalities?American, English, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Indian, Japanese, and more. Often unorthodox thinkers, they frequently had to struggle against hostile contemporaries to gain recognition for their ideas and discoveries. All the major scientific disciplines are covered, including astronomy, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computing, ecology, geology, medicine, neurology, physics, and psychology, as well as mathematics. 220 illustrations in color and black and white.


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