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Classic Pop Presents: Prince: Classic Pop Presents: Prince
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This year weve already lost a plethora of talent from across the world of entertainment. But surely the loss of the iconic ‪Prince‬ must rank among the most significant. The artist who brought us ‪Purple Rain‬,‪ When Doves Cry‬, ‪Little Red Corvette‬ and a wide variety of other golden moments in pop has passed into the ether. In our latest Classic Pop Presents, we look back at the life and career of Prince. From his early beginnings in Minneapolis to the rise to superstardom in the 80′s to his later position as a reclusive, religious figure in the 2000s

We take a decade-by-decade look at the Prince story, as well as separate, brand-new features highlighting the many songs that Prince wrote for others (or had been covered by others) A dissection of the Princes many looks, a fascinating insight into the women that shaped Princes life and music and also we analyse the seminal Purple Rain album a record that very much defined Princes entire career.

Weve also collected the most emotive reactions to Princes passing, from the stars and cultural figures that were inspired by him featuring high quality rare pictures from Prince at every stage in his career in a variety of fabulous outfits.


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