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: Constantin Floros, Ernest Bernhardt-Kabisch
: Anton Bruckner: The Man and the Work, 2nd Edition
: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
: 2014
ISBN: 978-3631662038
: English
: pdf
: 63 mb
: 234

While unappreciated and controversial during most of his life, Anton Bruckner is today regarded as the greatest symphonist between Beethoven and Gustav Mahler - in terms of originality, boldness and monumentality of his music. The image of Bruckner the man, however, is still extreme instance of the tenacious power of prejudice. No less a figure than Gustav Mahler coined the aper?u about Bruckner being a simpleton - half genius, half imbecile. The author is out to correct that misperception. His thesis in this study is that contrary to what has hitherto been asserted, there is an intimate relation between Bruckners sacred music and his symphonies from multiple perspectives: biographical data, sources and influences, the psychology of creation, musical structure, contemporary testimony and reception history. Additional chapters assess important Bruckner recordings and interpreters and the progressiveness of his music.

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