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: Color Harmony: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations
: Hideaki Chijiiwa
: Rockport
: 1987
: 160
: 102
: English

At last, heres a step-by-step guide to choosing and combining colors for graphic designers, artists, hobbyists, fashion designers, interior decorators, and everyone else who works with color.
Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, Color Harmony offers a simple, straightforward method for choosing a color scheme that gives you the exact hues and shades. Included are:

Dozens of full-color photographs that show you how your color schemes will look in the real world.
An introduction to color theory.
A palette of 61 basic colors, including the hot new shades of pink and blue.
A complete color guide to all the basic colors, including warm colors, cool colors, vivid colors, and more.
Color schemes to suit any mood: striking, tranquil, exciting, natural, and many others.
1,662 individual color combinations, arranged according to hue, shade, and purpose.
Practical applications for color in art, industry, and daily life.
12 helpful guidelines for choosing your own color schemes.
A four-color conversion chart for graphic designers.

Special bonus! 61 full-size color cards that you can cut out and use to match colors.


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