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The Fundamentals of Creative Design

: The Fundamentals of Creative Design
: Gavin Ambrose
: AVA Book
: 2003
: pdf
: 180
: 26.1

AVA Academia is a new list of college textbooks, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional text-heavy reference books and the visual eye candy of showcase books. Each title will be written by a leading college professor or lecturer and will be edited to fit into the diverse curricula of art schools and colleges around the world. One of the first titles in this new imprint, The Fundamentals of Creative Design offers an introduction to key elements of the creative process.

Each subject matter, or 'fundamental', uses detailed diagrammatic explanation, associated theories, and historical references to explain the underlying principles of design practice. Examples from contemporary designers and practitioners will be examined in terms of Brief, Process and Result and accompanied by personal explanations from the creatives involved. This book offers a unique insight into the working methods of creative professionals and enables the reader to understand both how and why these fundamental rules are so important.

"The Fundamentals of Creative Design"


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