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Thinking with Type
: Thinking with Type
: Ellen Lupton
: Princeton Architectural Press
: 2010
: Pdf
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: Eng
: 224

Since the first edition of Thinking with Type appeared in 2004, this book has been widely adopted in design programs around the world. Whenever a young designer hands me a battered copy of Thinking with Type to sign at a lecture or event, I am warmed with joy from serif to stem. Those scuffed covers and dinged corners are evidence that typography is thriving in the hands and minds of the next generation.
Ive put on some weight since 2004, and so has this book. For the new edition, I decided to let out the seams and give the content more room to breathe. If youlike most graphic designerslike to sweat the little stuff, youll find a lot to love, honor, and worry about in the pages that follow. Finicky matters such as kerning, small capitals, non-lining numerals, punctuation, alignment, and baseline grids that were touched on briefly in the first edition are developed here in more detail, along with new topics that were previously omitted, such as how to style a drop capital, what you need to know about optical sizes, and when to say typeface" instead of font at your next AIGA wine-and-carrot-stick party. This new book has more of everything: more fonts, more exercises, more examples, a more bodacious index, and best of all, more type crimesmore disgraceful "donts to complement the dignified dos.


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