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A Collection of Trademarks & Logotypes in Japan

: A Collection of Trademarks & Logotypes in Japan
: Books Nippan
: 1997
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Twelve years have passed since the first edition of this senes was published This is the seventh edition, or the ninth, if one includes two limited color editions In such visual communication fields as graphic design, advertising, and Cl design, this book is utilized and appreciated by many

The works included in this edition were solicited from designers, agents and clients around the country, as well as gathered by editors themselves. This year the number of entries surpassed all expectations, making it necessary to expand the book to accomodate 4350 works This is the largest edition yet The exceptional increase in submissions received for this edition is symbolic of the productivity of the graphic design world, and probably lust as much of the remarkable economy of Japan The movement of our society can probably be perceived in the evolution of the trademarks and logotypes presented here
A Collection ot Trademarks and Logotypes in Japan will continue to visually trace the variations presentations and development of individual logos and marks As valuable records of the times, these works are recorded as comprehensively as possible We hope you find this collection useful and enjoyable

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