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LogoLounge 9

: LogoLounge 9
: Bill Gardner
: HOW Books
: 2015
: Pdf
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: Eng
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Connecting with consumers is more than the holy grail of the craft: It's an imperative. Learning to tug the right heartstrings and subtly convey a concept in a simple iconic logo is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding feat for a designer. Logo designers have to know when to pull a great visual idea back from the edge just enough for the public to finish the thoughtand seal their loyalty with an a-ha moment.
LogoLounge 9 is organized in twenty-one visual content categories to provide context, clarity and immediate inspiration. Logos within each category can be compared and contrasted, giving designers the opportunity to understand the critical nuances that define very different solutions to addressing a single audience.
Peeking behind the curtains at the backstory of dozens of exceptional logo designs allows a designer to better understand what does and doesn't work. Viewing the near-misses and the bull's-eye solutions confirms for even the most jaded professional that our process is never perfect. But the creative experience of others provides a rich foundation on which to bolster our own technique.


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