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: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Environmental Informatics
: Zhou J., Bai X., Caelli T.
: IGI Global
: 2016
: djvu
: 437
: 29 mb

Environmental Informatics studies how information can be acquired, stored, processed, modelled, and communicated for environmental sciences and management. Originated in early 1990s, Environmental Informatics has developed into a multi-disciplinary area that not only covers environment sciences and engineering, but also covers or interacts closely with information and communication technology, electronic engineering, agriculture, biology, earth sciences, remote sensing, and so on. The goal of Environmental Informatics is to foster effective collection, management, share, and use environmental data to obtain a better understanding of our changing environment, identify and manage the risk and opportunities in the interaction between natural systems, human activities and society, and ultimately maintain a sustainable relationship between the human species and nature.


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