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: Graphic Idea Resource: Printing: Building Great Graphic Design Through Printing Techniques
: Constance Sidles
: Rockport
: 1999
: 47
: English
: 96

The Graphic Idea Resource series presents good design in an affordable format. Each book in the series presents inspiring, contemporary projectsand explores a single aspect of graphic design. With examples of work ranging from brochures to packaging to self-promotion, this series is a sure source of inspiration for all graphic designers.

GRAPHIC IDEA RESOURCE: PRINTING--a graphic design guidebook to the ways inks, printing, and the production process can enhance graphic design. Learn how the professionals choose and use the right inks and papers for the job; how these elements influence the final product; and the power of inks and the printing press as tools in graphic design.

Presented in these pages you will find outstanding printed work, including brochures, packaging, annual reports, identity packages, and much more. The result is a compelling reminder of the potential of printing and production in graphic design.

Graphic Idea Resource: Printing:





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